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What is .htpasswd?

The .htaccess (hypertext access) is the name of Apache's directory-level configuration file, which provides cability to customize configuration for requests to a certain directory.

These file is often used to specify the security restrictions for a hosted directory, hence the filename contains the access word. The .htaccess file is often accompanied by an .htpasswd file which stores valid usernames and their passwords which must be used during the identification process.

This online application was built to ease the necessary password generation.

How may I control the access?

In general the content of the .htaccess file is something similar:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Protected Area"
AuthUserFile /www/yourdomain/yourfolder/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

The first two lines and the fourth are always the same, but the value of the AuthUserFile depends on the path of the folder. If you have no clue what it could be, you may want to download our script which will create both the .htaccess and the .htpasswd files for you after setting the authentication details.